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Emergency Responder Roll-Up Signs

For high-visibility Roll-Up Signs, MDI offers four choices: our exclusive DuraLatch® Roll-Up Signs – the only self-adjusting roll-up sign available; MDI Compact® Sign System which includes sign and integrated crossbracing; Lexan Pocket Signs; and Sewn Pocket Signs. We offer a number of signface legends and changeable signface legends in stock. We can also produce custom legends. DuraLatch Roll-Up Signs are diamond-shaped, rectangular or square with three options for crossbracing and reflective sign material. MDI Compact Signs are diamond –shaped with options for two types of reflective sign material. Lexan Pocket and Sewn Pocket signs are diamond-shaped, rectangular or square and have options for three types of reflective sign material and one option for non-reflective material. MDI DuraLatch Signs, Compact Signs, Lexan 2-Pocket Signs and Sewn 2-Pocket Signs can be used with any MDI Sign Stand. The Lexan 4-Pocket Signs and Sewn 4-Pocket Signs can be used with most MDI Sign Stands, except the 4814DLKD, 4814HDKD, and 3612DLKC.

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