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ADA SpeakMaster™
ADA SpeakMaster™
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ADA SpeakMaster™

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ADA SpeakMaster

MDI Traffic Control Products, working extensively with DOT’s, local governments, and private industries, has developed a breakthrough in pre-warning technology for visually impaired pedestrian. The ADA SpeakMaster is an audible warning device that alerts pedestrians of a sidewalk closure ahead and provides navigation instructions.

Rugged design, simple to install and programmable through Bluetooth connectivity, the 9” DFB sign promotes safety wherever they’re installed.

Audible Warning Device Details

The all aluminum ADA SpeakMaster stands 5.5 feet high, is completely weather resistant, and ADA compliant. The two-sided frame at the top has snap-open side rails to easily change custom signs. The frame can rotate 360° to accommodate the different requirements of multiple urban areas. The unit is powered by an extended-life battery stored in a key-locked compartment in the base, and the base can be weighted for added stability and security. The electronics are housed in the upright, also in a key-locked compartment, and messages can be programmed on site, by cell phone, or computer. The base tilts and rolls on hidden wheels.

How the SpeakMaster Works

The ADA SpeakMaster is positioned approximately 100 feet before the actual sidewalk closure. As the pedestrian approaches, he hears a unique locator tone, which the visually impaired have been taught to recognize. The tone is either on continuously or is activated by an optional motion sensor and indicates that there is more information. The pedestrian locates the push button and activates the voice module to hear navigation instructions. He can then safely pass through the temporary pedestrian accessible route. 
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