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Traffic Calm

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TraffiCalm’s speed warning solution is the most affordably priced and fully-featured radar driver feedback (DFB) sign to support traffic calming in one small and modular footprint.


Rugged design, simple to install and programmable through Bluetooth connectivity, the 9” DFB sign promotes safety where ever they’re installed.

High Visibility through Superior Design
Even minimum speed zones pose risks to both pedestrians and drivers, but the DriveBrite™ full-matrix 9" display speed sign can increase driver compliance with high contrast and resolution for superior visibility. TraffiCalm engineers have maximized their design skill and expertise to offer the next generation of driver feedback signs.
Rich Feature Set with Useful Options
TraffiCalm believes in providing traffic safety without an "a la carte" pricing structure. DriveBrite™ full-matrix signs come standard with a myriad of color, size and power options to support a variety of installation requirements. Keeping costs down with enhanced safety features at a premium level is always our focus.
Enhanced Communications & Remote Connectivity
Ease of use and practicality is the TraffiCalm theme when offering traffic calming solutions that support traffic managers with meaningful tools for data collection and access. DriveBrite™ full-matrix signs are shipped standard with Bluetooth and offer additional communications enhancements for remote access and programming.
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